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SCO Heads of State Council

The Council of Heads of State shall be the supreme SCO body. It shall determine priorities and define major areas of activities of the Organization, decide upon the fundamental issues of its internal arrangement and functioning and its interaction with other States and international organizations, as well as consider the most topical international issues.

SCO Heads of Government Council

The Council of Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) shall approve the budget of the Organization, consider and decide upon major issues related to particular, especially economic, spheres of interaction within the Organization.

SCO Foreign Ministers Council

The Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs shall consider issues related to day-today activities of the Organization, preparation of meetings of the Council of Heads of State and holding of consultations on international problems within the Organization. The Council may, as appropriate, make statements on behalf of SCO.


Temasek is a global investment company headquartered in Singapore. We are a generational investor, seeking to make a difference always with tomorrow in mind.

We are committed to delivering sustainable value over the long term, guided by the principles of our Temasek Charter.
We have a long term investment horizon and because we invest off our own balance sheet, we are not constrained by ‘fund life’. As an owner investor, we are mostly invested in equities but do not set limits for geographies, sectors, or asset classes. Our investment activities are guided by our view of long term structural trends.

Our global portfolio spans a broad spectrum of industries: financial services; transportation & industrials; telecommunications, media & technology; consumer & real estate; as well as life sciences & agri-food.

Our compounded annualised Total Shareholder Return since inception in 1974 is 14% in Singapore dollar terms.

We have an overall credit rating of Aaa/AAA by Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s) and S&P Global Ratings (S&P) respectively.

As an institution, we have a stake in the well-being of our wider community. We recognise that environmental, social and governance factors can impact our stakeholders, as well as the long term sustainability of companies and businesses.

We believe in seeding social capital to transform lives for a more inclusive and resilient world, so every generation prospers. Since 2003, we have been setting aside a portion of our net positive returns above our risk-adjusted cost of capital for community gifts.

These are approved by the Temasek Board before being gifted to Temasek Trust, and then disbursed to and administered by our non-profit ecosystem consisting of Temasek Foundation (TF), Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Stewardship Asia Centre, and Mandai Nature. The gifts include 24 programme endowments which have impacted about 2 million lives across Singapore and Asia.


Online-Banking: Einfach. Schnell. Bequem.

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