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"Accurate service, value sublimation" is the purpose of Lishi.


Dangla Consulting Limited, registered in Macao in 2023, is an internationally recognized investment consulting service company. We have brought together international capital investment institutions, project planning and design teams, construction teams, and a legal advisory team to mitigate international investment risks.

Our company embraces the trends of global multi-polarization, economic globalization, cultural diversity, and social informatization. We are dedicated to fostering open regional cooperation and upholding the principles of the global free trade system and open world economy.

With a team of highly skilled international professional consultants, we facilitate the smooth and unrestricted flow of economic factors, efficient resource allocation, and deep market integration. Our mission is to help businesses enter the international market and engage in broader, higher-level, and more profound regional cooperation. We provide enterprises with an international perspective, foster open, inclusive, balanced, and collaborative economic partnerships, and support their participation in international projects.

At Dangla Consulting, we aim to promote advanced technology and export efficient infrastructure capabilities to serve our international clients. We assist our customers in accessing market information, maximizing profits, and also introduce overseas capital and advanced management practices to enhance their operations.

Our business scope encompasses a wide range of industries, including energy (traditional and new), chemical industry, agriculture, environmental protection, real estate development, international trade (crude oil, LNG, refined oil, building materials), project planning, investment, engineering technology connection, and management. We provide end-to-end investment project services across China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and southern European countries and regions.

Our purpose is to deliver accurate and valuable services that elevate the success of our clients.


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