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Energy & Petrochemical


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Founded in March 1950, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation Limited (in short: SCEGC) is a large state-owned comprehensive enterprise group that possesses 9 top-class qualifications for general contracting of housing construction, 4 top-class qualifications for general contracting of municipal engineering construction, 1 top-class qualification for general contracting of chemical and petroleum engineering construction, 1 top-class qualification for general contracting of highway construction and 17 class A qualifications for design in construction industry and overseas franchise. SCEGC has integrative abilities to undertake various civil construction investment, exploration, design, construction and management, etc. It possesses business in the fields of international project contracting, construction industry investment, urban mass transit, steel structure installation, ready-mix concrete production & delivery, architectural decoration, classical architectures and landscaping construction, logistics etc. SCEGC owns a large number of well-known specialized subsidiaries such as Top International Engineering Corporation Limited, SCEGC Installation Group Co., Ltd., SCEGC Mechanized Construction Group Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Huashan Road & Bridge Group Co., Ltd., etc.

With solid strength, SCEGC ranks No.15 on the list of 250 ENR Global Contractors, No.163 on the list of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, No.86 on the list of Fortune 2021 China's Top 500 Listed Companies. The total professionals and technician personnel of the corporation are more than 10 thousand, including 139 professor level senior engineers, 2583 personnel with senior professional titles, 7662 constructors and associate constructors. The talent resources advantage of SCEGC dominates the Western China, and takes the leading position among provincial construction enterprises.

SCEGC owns two architectural colleges and universities, a research institute of architectural science, a number of Class A design institutes. In recent years, SCEGC has achieved hundreds of research achievements, including 90 national and provincial science and technology awards, 23 Huaxia construction science and technology awards, successfully applied 691 national and provincial construction methods and 1278 patents, participated as editor-in-chief or co-editor in the compilation of more than 120 national industry norms. SCEGC has undertaken and implemented a large number of key construction projects at home and abroad. 77 projects have been awarded with Luban Prize for Construction Project, 104 projects with National Prime-Quality Project Awards, 4 projects with Tien-Yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, and 29 projects with Gold Award of China’s Construction Engineering Steel Structure.

Following the principal of developing market both in and outside the province, domestic and abroad, and the concept of creating value for clients, providing priority for partners, and achieving win-win cooperation, the business of SCEGC has covered 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous prefectures in domestic market; and taking root in the international engineering contracting market for more than 40 years, SCEGC has devoted itself to the "Belt and Road" construction, and is at the forefront of "going out" enterprises in Shaanxi Province. Its business has expanded to 32 countries such as Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Ghana, South Africa and Botswana, etc. and has implemented a large number of local key projects, among which 7 projects were awarded Luban Prize for Construction Project (overseas project) and 4 awarded National Prime Quality Project Award (overseas project). In the international project contracting market, the brand of "TIEC" has been established, forming 6 overseas business areas, including Southeast Asia Area, South Pacific Area, Middle East & West Asia Area, Central and South Asia Area, West Africa Area and Southern Africa Area. In December 2020, SCEGC has realized its overall listing on Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600248). SCEGC is now marching towards the Fortune Global 500 and striving to become a first-class modern comprehensive engineering service supplier across the world

Main business

Petro/Coal Chemical Engineering

Petroleum Refining Engineering


Nigeria Dangote Refining and Petrochemical Project.


Malaysia Integrated Petroleum Refining Project.

Storage and Transportation Engineering


Changsha Natural Gas Utilization Project.


Zhejiang Shaoxing Urban Natural Gas Project (Kepao High pressure Pipeline).

Inorganic Chemical Engineering


Shaanxi Yulin Jintai chlor-alkali installation project.


Hebei Tangshan Chlor-alkali Co., LTD. - 200,000-ton annual PVC installation project.

Coal Chemical Engineering


Yulin 2.3 million tons/year Methanol Project Phase I, 600,000 tons/year Methanol Plant Project of Yankuang Coal Mining. National Prime Quality Project Award, Chemical Industry Quality Engineering Award.


Jilin Cornell 600,000 tons/year Methanol to Olefin Project.