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Energy & Petrochemical


Product Details

Company Profile

SINOPEC GROUP is a state-owned super-large petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group with upstream, midstream, and downstream operations, which ranks 5th (2021) among the Fortune Global 500 companies.

Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation (or Sinopec Service), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation (SSC) who is listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (SH600871) and HKEx (HK1033). Sinopec Service exclusively represents SSC for the provision of a comprehensive range of services,including seismic, drilling, mud logging, wireline logging, cementing, workover, engineering and construction in a number of sectors such as petroleum, petrochemical, industrial, infrastructure, power, transportation and other public utilities etc.

Sinopec Service Engineering & Construction, accumulating more than 60 years of Oil & Gas industry experience, is specialized in providing engineering & construction services and contracting projects globally. The scope of business covers consulting, engineering, procurement, construction and PMC of onshore and offshore oil & gas field development, long distance pipelines, oil & gas gathering and transporting facilities, treatment and processing plants, oil & gas storage facilities, infrastructure and municipal projects as well as relevant research & services of technology, process packages and products, etc.

Main business

· Oil & Gas Gathering & Processing

We have a series of unique technical advantages in heavy and extra heavy oil processing, high pressure gas injection, oil-gas-water separation, gas storage tank, and etc.

We take lead in wholly sealed oil, gas, and water gathering technology, oil field surface construction automatic control technology, and oilfield production system comprehensive anti-corrosion technology, etc.

Up to now, we have successfully accomplished numerous oil & gas gathering and processing projects in many different countries, located in Africa, Middle-East, and Southeast Asia.

Typical Projects

Puguang Natural Gas Purification Plant

Puguang Natural Gas Purification Plant is a critical point of energy network in China, Sichuan to East gas transmission project, located in Puguang, Sichuan, with total area of 560 acres. It is currently the largest natural gas purification plant and sulfur production base in Asia, with total capacity of 1,000 MMSCFD of gas processing, 1,450 MMSCFD of gas purification, and 2.2 MMTA of sulfur production. The gas contents up to 15% H2S, and 8% CO2.

It includes 79 gas wells, 9 water disposal wells, 29 gas gathering stations, 1 gas processing terminal and 1 produced water treatment station, 30 ESD valve rooms, 44km sour gas flowlines with 16-core fibre optic cables, and 5 tunnels and 2 suspension bridges.


· Long Distance Pipelines

We executed EPC projects in China, the Middle East, Africa, America, total length exceeds 430,000 km.

Typical Projects

Sichuan to East Gas Pipeline Project

The pipeline from southwest China to Shanghai with the length of 2206 kilometers, including one trunk line, two brunches and one special railway line. The capacity is 1,450 MMSCFD.

It includes 27 Stations, 126 Valve Chambers 73 tunnels 6 river crossings, 1 suspension bridge crossings. Land elevation difference more than 1600 m. Won China National Quality Project Gold Medal.


· Oil & Gas Storage

We have rich experience in engineering and construction of floating roof tank, doom tank, sphere tank, plain spheroidtank, cylindrical tank, semi-buried tank, horizontal tank, steel cans, cement dump,  LNG cryogenic tank, underground storage reservoir.

Typical Projects

Cao Feidian Crude Oil Commercial Storage Tank Farm

The third largest Crude Oil Commercial Storage Facility in China, the storage capacity is 3.2 million m3 , it includes 32 x 100,000 m3 Floating Roof Tanks, Pump Stations, Fire Station, etc.


· Offshore Engineering

We are capable of designing, manufacturing, and installing the fixed and portable platforms, laying the submarine pipeline and cable, and providing services in complicated maritime environment such as sea-land transition and extreme shallow water.

Typical Projects

Chengdao Center No.2 No.3 Platform

Steel Structure Multi-function integrated platform

Chengdao West DPA Platform

Integrated platform with functions of oil recovery, gathering & transportation, generating and accommodation.

Ghana Natural Gas Subsea Pipeline

Capacity: 220 MMSCFD (623 million m3 /d)

Pipeline length: 61.7 km

Pipe Size: 10''-12''

Design Pressure: 23.8 MPa

Maoming Single Point Mooring Subsea Pipeline

· Capacity: 300,000 t/a

· Pipeline length: 16 km

· Pipe Size: 48''

· Design Pressure: 1.5 MPa

· Water depth: 24 m

· Burial depth: 2 m

· It applied SL 902 Pipe Laying vessel.

· LNG Plants

We have enough technical abilities to build gigantic LNG plants, LPG plants, LNG tanks and related supporting facilities.

· Clean Energy Application

We strive to achieve Green Enterprise and sustainable development.

We have been delivering clean, engineered solutions to meet customer needs, support their sustainability targets and ultimately reduce carbon emissions. We are applying clean energy in industrial residual heat utilization, geothermal power generation, geothermal heating, waste water treatment from oil & gas processing, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), and offshore wind power.

Typical Projects

Kenya KenGen Geothermal Pipeline Project

It is implementation of Clean Energy in Kenya. The project includes total 117 km of low overhead steam pipeline. Maximum design pressure is 14 MPa, maximum design temperature is 338 ℃. Various types of pipe from have been used such as carbon steel, stainless steel, HDPE, from 1.5’’ to 48’’.


· Petrochemical Plant Utilities

We have accumulated plenty of EPC experiences in different kinds of area for supporting facilities of refinery, petrochemical and fertilizer projects.

· Buildings

Extensive experience has been accumulated in fields of industry, commerce, civil building and urban landscape architecture, especially in Middle east, Africa and China.

· Infrastructures

Whatever in different kinds of terrains including mountainous area, valley, desert, river, plateau, rain forest and city,  we have strong ability to perform EPC projects for road, bridge, tunnel, port and etc.

· Equipment Manufacture

We are able to design,   process, manufacture, and maintain all kinds of equipment, skids and parts for oil and gas industry