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Energy & Petrochemical

China Tianchen

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Company Profile

China Tianchen Engineering Corporation (abbreviated as TCC) was founded in 1953 and is previously known as the First Design Institute under the Ministry of Chemical Industry of China. TCC was relocated to Tianjin in 1973, and now it belongs to China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd. TCC is an international engineering company which combines a variety of fields including R&D, general contracting, industrial operation, international trading and financing.   In the past 60 years, TCC has successfully accomplished over 2000 large & medium-sized projects covering R&D, consulting, design, construction and project general contracting. Its business has spread to all over China and around 30 countries/regions including Southeast & Central Asia, Africa, American, and Middle East. TCC has provided its service to more than 50 Top 500 multinational companies and more than 200 of its projects have been honored National/Provincial/Ministerial Awards. TCC has been awarded the “National May 1st Labor Certificate”, “National Civilized Unit”, and has been nominated the “China Industry Awards”. It has been consecutively listed as the Top 225 International Design Firms and Top 150 Global Design Firms by ENR, and it is consecutively listed as the Top 80 General Contractors and Top 60 Design Firms in China.

Products and Services

Since its establishment in 1953, after 66 years of development, TCC always adhere to the “Constantly challenge ourselves, always one step ahead” the concept of development, following the national development strategy and “Belt and Road” initiative. TCC has deeply implemented the innovation-driven development strategy relying on years of engineering experience and technology accumulation, has paid close attention to tackle core technical problems, and has embarked on a road of innovative development of “Industry-University-Research-Design”. TCC established the first R&D center in CNCEC, became one of the first batch of companies to be awarded with Design Comprehensive Class-A Qualification. The first high-tech material industry demonstration base in CNCEC was built and now in operation by TCC using proprietary technology. TCC established the first International trade service company in CNCEC focusing on serving for domestic and overseas engineering market and customers. TCC concerns a lot of the country and every family that have made the company continue to grow. The strategic layout of upstream and downstream expansion around the main business of the engineering has emerged. The development model of today's "Technical R&D, Engineering construction, Industrial operation, Market service" has been formed. TCC can be a global partner, provides the whole industry chain and the whole life cycle of service.

Engineering Business

Storage & Transportation

With its own technological advantages and years of experience in the petrochemical industry, TCC continues to provide customers with safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient oil&gas and chemical storage and logistics services. The business covers the storage and logistic of the industrial park, the storage of natural gas, oil products, and chemical products, transportation, and the facilities above the terminal. TCC has completed the world’s largest underground natural gas storage, LNG receiving stations that have repeatedly broken industry engineering records, long-distance water and gas pipelines, storage tanks in chemical installations, TCC is committed to using engineering wisdom to "transmit" understanding of safety and high efficiency, continuously improve the customer experience and create value for the society.

CNOOC Zhuhai LNG Project


Pakistan EVTL Ethylene Storage Tank Project


Innovation Technology

TCC takes the development of the country and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as its own responsibility, focusing on the development and industrialization of technologies that are urgently needed in domestic construction and repeatedly restricted by foreign monopolies. Relying on more than 60 years of engineering experience and technology accumulation, TCC deeply implements innovation-driven development strategies and pays attention to the layout of core technologies and has embarked on an innovative development path that combines "Industrial regurgitation-feeding, Research supporting, Engineering optimization, and Industrial improvement". TCC has made remarkable achievements: it has successfully overcome and developed a series of advanced process technologies including Green caprolactam, green hydrogen peroxide to propylene oxide (HPPO), glycerin method to epichlorohydrin, hydrogen peroxide method to epichlorohydrin, methanol to propylene, adipic acid, butadiene method to adiponitrile that filled domestic technology and industrial gap, solved a large number of national "technological problems" related to national economy and people's livelihood. TCC has won dozens of national scientific and technological progress awards and provincial and ministerial-level awards, holding nearly 500 authorized patents and proprietary technologies that many of them won the "China Patent Excellence Award" and won more than 30 awards in CNCEC's technology innovation category.

Fujian Tianchen Yaolong 200kt/a Caprolactam Project


Jiangsu Fuqiang 100kt/a PO Project


Power Plant 

TCC's business scope in the field of power covers commercial power stations, captive power stations, substations, and new energy projects such as biofuels and photovoltaics. Since the 1990s, TCC has successively completed dozens of small and medium-sized self-provided power station projects in China, and on this basis, it has actively explored overseas general contracting markets for power projects in Pakistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Georgia. The achievement of the combined cycle power station covers several levels of 6B, 9E, and 9F.  

Georgia Gardabani-II Combined-Cycle Power Plant Project


Pakistan ENGRO Qadirpur Power Generation Project


EP & Infrastructure 

Based on chemical technology, capital, and market advantages, TCC integrates domestic and foreign high-quality resources and develops the field of environmental protection and infrastructure. This field covers municipal infrastructure, industrial infrastructure, public life service facilities, environmental protection, and governance, etc., and provides integrated comprehensive solutions for urban construction, environmental governance, and upgrading of chemical parks.  

Shanghai Solid Waste Treatment Center Medical Waste Incineration Project


SABIC SADAF Environmental Protection Revamping Project


Coal Chemical 

TCC is considered to be a leader in the coal chemical industry. It has accumulated a full range of engineering experience in this field with 100+ projects executed, and 100+ gasifiers’ design and construction completed. Its footprint throughout various types of engineering installations such as gasification, transformation, purification, air separation, methanol synthesis, sulfur recovery, ammonia synthesis, etc. Furthermore, the experience is embedded in various fields such as coal-to-oil, coal-to-natural gas, and coal-to-olefins.  

It is an excellent technical team with 1 national survey and design master and 1 National Industry Survey and Design Master. This team has won 30+ scientific and technological progress awards of the country, various ministries and industry associations, golden key awards for EPC projects, national high-quality engineering awards, etc.  

Inner Mongolia Donghua Energy Co., Ltd 1,000kt/a Methanol Project


Shenhua Baotou MTO Project


Salt Chemical 

TCC is the leading-force of the domestic salt chemical industry. Especially in the field of chlor-alkali and soda ash, TCC has a great reputation and strong influence in the industry.  

In terms of technology, TCC has multiple patents and proprietary technologies, and it constantly optimizes the processes and core equipment to ensure that the production equipment put into construction will always maintain the advanced technology and dominating market competitiveness;  

As to the performance, TCC’s chlor-alkali has contributed more than 50% of the domestic market capacity, totaling more than 20 million tons; TCC’s soda ash accounts for more than 80% of the domestic million-ton capacity and above. Moreover, in Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, the United States and other foreign markets, it has constructed a large number of high-quality projects, covering various types of processes of the Hou’s process, the Solvay process, and the Evaporative Crystallization process;  

In terms of the industrial chain, we can provide various upstream and downstream engineering constructions of chlor-alkali and soda ash, such as hydrochloric acid, epichlorohydrin, vinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride, liquid chlorine, methane chloride, alkali ore mining and other related industries.  

Ciner Kazan 2500kt/a Soda Ash & 400MW Power Generation Project


Shandong WeiFang 600kt/a Soda Ash Project


Oil & Gas 

TCC has abundant engineering experience and powerful technical capability in the fields of petroleum distillation atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, naphtha hydrogenation, diesel hydrogenation, condensate treatment, lubricating oil preparation, coal tar deep processing, oil field associated gas treatment, coke oven gas deep processing, industrial waste gas classification treatment, natural gas liquefaction treatment, liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage, natural gas to methanol / ammonia / oil / hydrogen production, oil & gas filling station, oil & gas long-distance pipeline, etc. With its glorious engineering achievements all over the country, it has also successfully entered overseas markets such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia, and the Middle East, and has been repeatedly praised by the Owners. In recent years, the company has deployed some key technical forces to form the Oil & Gas division, and a fixed team of professionals to achieve continuous accumulation and advancement of technologies, while continuing to provide professional, high-efficiency and full life cycle "all-arrangement" tracking services.  

Pakistan PARCO Diesel Hydrogenation Project


SABIC SAFCO III Ammonia Expansion Project