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Xinghe Building Materials

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Company Profile

Xinghe Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., located in Chengdu Jinniu Hi tech Industrial Park, is engaged in the research, development, production, sales and technical services of SGC Xinghe New Building Materials and green prefabricated houses. After more than 30 years of R&D and application, Mr. Zhou Xinghe, the inventor of the company's patent, has produced various green building materials with straw, straw, sawdust, old wood, plant fiber, fly ash, etc. as the main raw materials, together with core technology and special equipment. He is known as the "major scientific and technological achievements of the 21st century". He has won more than 50 national patents and more than 30 honors at home and abroad.

Xinghe Building Materials series products are listed as national spark plan projects, national environmental protection promotion projects, major science and technology projects in Sichuan Province, national authoritative testing up to standard products, and national key new products. In November 2008, they became the global promotion project of the United Nations South South Global Technology Property Exchange. With the excellent performance of Galaxy fabricated building materials, it was awarded the "ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification" in 2008; In 2009, the United Nations awarded the patent inventor Zhou Xinghe the "Outstanding Innovation Award"; In 2016, the company's products won the "Urban and Rural Construction Product Certification"; In 2018, it won the standard of China Association of Engineering Construction and the special atlas of prefabricated housing construction; In 2019, three national invention patents of "earthquake resistant housing" were obtained.

The headquarters of the company will provide the whole process tracking service from technical training, production equipment, processing specifications, management concepts, marketing strategies, after-sales services and other aspects, so that the partners can operate easily and develop rapidly. The patent technology of Galaxy Building Materials faces global cooperation with incomparable architectural advantages!

Core product introduction

Xinghe Green Assembled Building

The fiber reinforced cladding wood based prefabricated house is a wall panel structure system house formed by on-site assembly and bonding of factory produced prefabricated components such as light structural floor slabs, light structural wallboards, light trusses and purlins. The structure system has the characteristics of low cost, environmental protection and energy conservation


Some engineering cases

Plant fiber bridge


The plant fiber bridge was completed in Sanyuan Town, Mianyang on April 24, 2016; The bridge is 17.6 meters long and 7.6 meters wide. The main works can be completed in 45 minutes and can bear 100 tons; It has been open to traffic for more than 4 years.

Chengdu "Junlin Tianxia" Villa


The building area of the house is more than 800 square meters, and the main structure can only be built in 4 days.


Comparison of destructive tests conducted on 6 powerful crushers at the same time