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Water Sources in Iraq


Samawah LAND


150 km from Samawah30-40 kmfrom the Saudi border


Possibility to choose the required space The total area is 220 thousand Iragi dunums


Paleogene calcareous reservoirs, which are characterized by fractures Dense and karst cavities that exist in the M forma-tions Ardh, al-Jal and al-Dammam, within the range of al-Salman in the desert Southern.


Stratographic section of the Western Desert in Iraq (Buday (1980 in ((2012, Al-Muqdadi Miocene-Pliocene sandstone reservoir, within the Dibdiba Formation, in the Salman Range in the southern desert, Al-Aqsa Southern Iraq.

Samawah location


The land is apparently very fertile soil for the presence of agricultural crops and the use of the land, taking into account that the depth of the excavations is according to the reports mentioned by the references in this report and reclamation Also, there is ample water availability Not more than 3 - 10 meters. The land is outwardly very fertile soil and we recommend a procedure Tests to ensure the quality of the soil Experimental drilling of a water well. We strongly advise you to focus on this land due to its close proximity to High pressure electricity crosses from the first piece

The land is suitable as a fodder storage area due to its proximity to The international highway and its proximity to other agricultural lands May be a point of contact with other cultivators to collect crops, The land is agricultural in nature, and the soil is excellent but they complained, aboutScarcity of water received from the main service channel according to Ray farmer. Conclusion The land is suitable as aggregate stores and silos For grain in the future with the aim of distribution only inter-nally to the market Iraqi